Easy How to Install a Roman Natural Window Shade Video

Short under 1 min. video on how to install a roman natural bamboo window shade. Easy to follow step by step directions and lifestyle interiors with woven wood shades included.

How to Decorate Shelves

Need decorating help on on how to arrange objects on shelving?  Interior Decorator Quinn Cooper shows us in this short video how to decorate shelves by first leaning your art against the wall. Next take your large items and position them around the art. Last, but definitely not least, place your small decorations in front or beside … Continue reading How to Decorate Shelves »

How to Install a Fabric Privacy Liner to the Back of a Roman Natural Shade

53 sec. video on how to install a fabric privacy liner to the back of a roman natural window shade.

Corner Wall Shelf Installation and Decorating Ideas

Do you need extra storage space in a small room?   Floating corner wall shelves are the perfect solution and are easy to install with a shelf kit, screwdriver, power drill, and a pencil.. First, decide where you want to hang your shelf.  Bathrooms, laundry rooms, and storage closets are always in need of extra … Continue reading Corner Wall Shelf Installation and Decorating Ideas »