GardenPath 72 in. H Teepee Peeled Willow Flower/Plant Support

72 inch Teepee Peeled Willow Plant Support Lifestyle72in-teepee-peeled-willow-plant-support-lifestyle2teepee-willow-plant support



Product Overview

The 72″ H Teepee Willow Flower Support is adjustable in width and can expand up to 48 inches wide.  It is an excellent way to train climbing roses and vines.  Inserts into the ground or a flower pot easily. It will open up to 30″ wide at the bottom when expanded to 57″ H.

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Model #: 0445072
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Product Description

Support weak branches and allow plants to grow upwards with the 72 in. high Teepee Flower and Plant Support. Perfect for climbing flowers and tomato plants. This garden accessory will give support to weak branches and create a focal point in the garden. You can easily collapse the width and store it away in your garden shed when not in use.