Atlas Door Lock Knob Combo Kit-Scroll

Atlas Scroll PB Door Lock Knob Combo
Atlas Scroll PB Door Lock Knob ComboAtlas Pb Scroll Lever Combo Kit Lifestyle



Product Overview

The Atlas Polished Brass Ball Scroll Lever Lock Combo Kit includes 1 Scroll Keyed Entry Door Lever and 1 Single Cylinder Deadbolt. 4 matching keys are included to fit both locks in the package for your convenience.

Model #: 3000021
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Product Description

Doors with lever handles are easy for everyone to open. If your hands are full with groceries, shopping bags, or school books, opening a door with a lever is easier than opening a door with a knob. For a door with hinges on the right side, you need a right-handed lever. If your door’s hinges are on the left, you need a left-handed option.