Vanish Ergonomic Deluxe Fabric Shaver



Product Overview

The Vanish Ergonomic Deluxe Fabric Shaver includes 2 interchangeable shaver/applicator heads and 1 felt lint remover applicator head that no other fabric shaver device has. The small size screen works best on light-weight fabric. The medium screen is for heavier fabric, and the felt material applicator is for delicate fabrics. Run it over pillows, throws, tablecloths, sweaters, and upholstery to remove fabric pills, lint, and threads.

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Model #: 7920
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Everyone wants to keep their clothes looking new and fresh. Lint and pet hair are continuous problems. The NEW portable hand held Vanish Ergonomic Deluxe Fabric Shaver removes lint and fabric pills fast. The battery operated triple blade action and ergonomic handle make using the Vanish Deluxe Fabric Shaver fun and easy. You can store the Deluxe Fabric Shaver anywhere in your home, office, or car.