Vanish Mini Travel Size Fabric Shaver



Product Overview

The New Vanish Ergonomic Mini Fabric Shaver fits easily into a purse or glove compartment. It  includes 1 heavyweight fabric shaver head and 1 felt lint remover applicator head that no other fabric shaver device has. The medium screen is for heavier fabric, and the felt material applicator is for picking up lint and fuzz balls. Run it over pillows, throws, tablecloths, sweaters, and upholstery to remove fabric pills, lint, and threads. Perfect for the busy traveler!

Model #: 7921


The Vanish Mini Fabric Shaver removes fuzz balls, lint, thread, and pet hair from your favorite fabrics, keeping them in great condition for even longer. Ergonomic handle design for ease of use. The unique shaver head is for medium weight fabric. The triple-blade action is safe and works fast. Battery operated for complete portability. Great for people always on the go!