Vanish Odor Eliminator Travel Pet Hair & Lint Roller (30 sheets)



Product Overview

The Vanish Odor Eliminator  Travel Size Pet Hair and Lint Remover includes 30 small sheets.  It is great fro carrying in a purse, briefcase, luggage, or backpack.  Odor eliminating zeolite minerals absorb odors while removing lint and pet hair.  Crepe glue based pre-cut tape uses the right amount of glue without leaving any residue or damaging fabric.

Model #: 7021
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Vanish Odor Eliminating Pet Hair and Lint Removal Travel Size Rollers include zeolite odor elimination technology that remove odors.  Travel size lint rollers are ideal for clothes.  Zeolite powder can be used to absorb odors caused by pets, smoke, urine and even certain gases. Zeolite is a non-toxic perfume and fragrance free mineral, and does not emit VOCs or contain solvents or chemicals. Pre-cut tape is easy to remove from the roller after use.  The 30 sheet small roller is perfect for your purse, car door pocket or glove compartment, and travel.