Atlas Passage Ball Knob Door Lock



Product Overview

The Antique Brass Ball Passage Door Knob can be opened from both sides of the door at all times. It has no locking function at all so you would use it anywhere privacy is not an issue. Atlas Passage Door Knobs are available in antique brass, polished brass, and satin chrome finishes. The antique brass finish is an ideal option is you are interested in warm, aged finished door hardware. The round ball knob feels comfortable in the hand and is a common style. If you are undecisive as to what door knob style is best for your home you can't go wrong with a ball knob.

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Model #: 3000017
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Give your home a fresh new look by updating the style or finish of your door knobs. Atlas Ball Passage Door Knobs are traditional in style, have an expensive look, and are value priced. Choose a round door knob when you need a basic door knob with a modern or classic look. Passage door locks are for hallways, closets, pantries and laundry rooms that do not need a knob that locks. Discover the value and quality of the Atlas Ball Knob for every room in your home.