Atlas Privacy Straight Lever Door Lock



Product Overview

Straight Privacy Door Lock Lever has a straight handle that is easy to grasp. It is the perfect style of door handle for families with small children or older adults with arthritis who might have trouble grasping and turning a door knob. Atlas Door Levers are available in polished brass or oil rubbed bronze. Oil rubbed bronze is an aged finish with rustic appeal. Privacy locks are designed for bedrooms, bathrooms, or any door that doesn''t need a heavy duty lock.

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Model #: 3000011
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Give your home a fresh new look by updating the style or finish of your door knobs. Atlas Privacy Door Levers are stylish, priced at a great value, and have an expensive look. Typically used for bedrooms and bathrooms where privacy is needed, you can lock this door knob from the inside by a push button or thumb turn, or unlock from outside in an emergency with a tool. Atlas Door Lock Levers also come in a Entry (1731701, 1731105) and Passage styles (1733701, 1733105).