Atlas Privacy Tulip Knob Door Lock



Product Overview

The Antique Bronze Privacy Tulip Door Knob Lock for bedroom and bathrooms locks with a thumbturn button from the inside. The tulip knob feels comfortable in the hand and is a common style. If you are undecisive as to what door knob style is best for your home you can’t go wrong with a tulip knob style.

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Model #: 3000016
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Give your home a fresh new look by updating the style or finish of your door knobs. Atlas Tulip Privacy Door Knobs are traditional in style, have an expensive look, and are value priced. Discover the value and quality of the Atlas Tulip Knob for every room in your home. Typically used for bedrooms and bathrooms where privacy is needed, you can lock this door knob from the inside by a pushbutton or thumb turn. If an emergency arises you can unlock it from outside with a tool. They do not need to be a strong as and exterior lock, but will provide added privacy.